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“We did date,” Clarkson said Thursdayon “Watch What Happens Live!” adding, “We didn’t date during ‘Idol.’” In 2002, the now 35-year-old singer and Guarini appeared on Season 1 of the singing competition.Now, the “Since U Been Gone” singer confirmed it to be true.“We did date a little bit,” she said about her co-star from 2003’s “From Justin to Kelly.” “I think any two people who were thrown together that much, I mean guy, girl, you put ‘Timeless,’ that song from ‘From Justin to Kelly,’ you can’t fight it! These days Clarkson is happily married to Brandon Blackstock and recently gave birth to their first child, daughter River Rose Blackstock.I honest to God thought, ‘Is this what it’s like to be asexual?’ I was just not attracted to people.”“I was so nervous because it wasn’t that I didn’t want to suck for the millions of people watching, I didn’t want to suck because I was trying to impress a guy,” she cracked.See what the GRAMMY winner told ET about her family life in the video below.Over a decade after Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini appeared to be the high school sweethearts of “American Idol,” the singer confessed they dated in real life.

“Just from that one time, even six years later, I had never really dated anyone.I literally was in Texas, in my apartment, crying in my closet talking to him [Simon Fuller] trying to hide from my family because I felt weak."Once she realized she couldn't get out of her role in the movie she begged Fuller to release her single before the movie dropped, and he did."I think that's what saved my career," she reasons.Rumors swirled about the true nature of their relationship off camera, but neither confirmed they were dating.During a performance of his one-man show, “Lovesick,” last year, Guarini revealed he and Clarkson did have a relationship in the past.

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“I always tell [my stepdaughter, Savannah], ‘Wait it out.

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